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Do you remember? 

Terug van weggeweest. 

Het Summer BeachLife magazine!

Wil jij alle ins- en outs van het Summer BeachLife circuit weten? Wil jij gezellig kunnen bladeren door een beachsport magazine? Wil jij meespelen en meedoen met onze BeachLife evenementen? 

Vraag dan nu het GRATIS magazine voor 2024 aan en ontvang medio mei dit magazine op jouw deurmat! 

Meerdere magazines aanvragen? Adverteren of meer info ontvangen? Mail ons. 

Vraag gratis aan!

We are working on the 2024 Summer BeachLife calendar

Although we are working hard on the Summer BeachLife 2024 beachsport calendar, we already know the date of our biggest event! 

In 2024 we return to one of the most iconic islands of the Netherlands, Ameland. It is a location where you will go for a long weekend or week to enjoy the Island and beachsport event Summer BeachLife.

Making new friends, enjoy the atmosphere and join one of the many beachcompetitions we offer. At least 12 categories for beachvolleyball and 3 for beachtennis will be offered. Besides the 3 beachparties at the Sunset we offer a lot of fun. 


We hope to build up to 100 courts again. You need to be part of this event. We will keep you posted. 


Please subscribe so we can inform you as soon as we have more information and exclusive "early bird" options.  

Get to know it all about Ameland 2024!

Thanks for your e-mail, we'll be back to you soon!

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